Segment intending for achieving short term goals

Do you know that I have no problems at all with finding a parking space, or that waiting for bus for 20 minutes is history to me? Things like that have vanished from my life thanks to the law of attraction, or, to be more precise, thanks to one of the aspects of its application named “segment intending“. This is the term given by the Abraham, and this time I will give you a short explanation of it, the way I apply it, and what I have accomplished by using it.

Make clear intention for each segment of your day

Make clear intention for each segment of your day

It is necessary to have big, tremendous goals. They are our propellants, our lodestars. We navigate all other accomplishments according to them. Most of our ultimate goals usually include money, abundance, love, happiness, health, success, freedom and other lovely things such as these. However, to reach these goals, we need to reach many small, everyday, by-passing goals. The segment intending tool is designed for reaching those short-term goals, or taking control over things that we used to think of as out of our control.

Every one of us can start a day by separating it into a number of segments. For example, the time spent lying in bed after waking up is one segment, and it is followed by the segment we spend getting ready for work. After those, there come segments of time spent at work, coming back home and so on. Of course, we will all have different segments according to our own daily routines. Also, the segments will not follow the same pattern every day, since they will result from what we experience that particular day.

Each segment should be assigned with a goal, or to be defined in terms of its purpose. We should stop at the beginning of each of the segments and imagine it fulfilling its purpose. We could also use an affirmative sentence stressing that the goal of that segment is reached.

Here is how I do it. The most striking examples are those related to traffic, for we usually think that we can do nothing to influence the schedule of the buses, or the proximity of free parking spaces, or the chances of getting stuck in traffic jams. This is what I do: after entering the car and starting the engine, I make a pause to imagine myself reaching my destination on time, easily and smoothly. I imagine driving down the streets with no jams, no stress and no nerve-wrecking situations. I also say what I want to see happen, that I want to get where I should on time, and in the best way possible.

We should be extra careful to use affirmative sentences and positive words. Therefore we should say “to get things right” instead of “to get things without any problems”. Sure enough, if we think about a problem, we are bound to attract it due to the law of attraction, even though we do not want it to happen.

I always “season” it with the “three fingers” technique that I have learned at the Silva Method course. The point is that, once I reached the state of deep meditation, I made the connection between putting the first three fingers together and entering the “alfa state”. You’ve learned about Pavlov’s conditioned reflex and the dogs that would start drooling whenever they would hear a horn sound. Accordingly, I should enter the alfa state whenever I put the fingers together. Using this technique I amplify the wish for reaching the goal of that particular segment, because I imagine it while being on the alfa level of consciousness, as if meditating at the moment.

In this manner we should be doing all the segments that we identify during the day. For example, when we come work, we should wish to have a successful day; when we need to make an important phone call, we should wish that it goes all right, and to influence that calling party in our favor; when we make a presentation, we should wish everyone to pay attention to what we are saying, and to get the point of our interpretation.

I find segment intending very logical and sound reasoning. And very effective! I have experienced it myself a number of times. It’s like a basketball player getting concentrated before a free throw. At that moment he imagines the ball getting in the hoop, he pictures its flight, and ignites the feeling of joy because he has scored. But if his thought turns to negative scenario, and he gets startled by the fear of missing the hoop, that is what usually happens. And that is the difference between top players and the average ones. Those who apply the law of attraction better, make it work in their favor.

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  1. Yuval Goren

    This is interesting. I have never heard about the “segment intending“ before, but I will try to apply that to my daily routine.


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